We welcome adolescents to our practice and seek to address their specific concerns with patience and understanding.  The first pelvic exam occasionally causes anxiety for a teenager.  It may not even be necessary to have a pelvic exam on the first visit, but when the time comes, we are happy to take extra time to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

A common question is when a teenager should first be seen at our office.  This varies depending on the specific situation.  An adolescent woman is welcome to our practice whenever she feels ready or has any questions for us.   As mentioned above, it may not be necessary to have a pelvic exam right away.  In general, it is ideal to have the first visit before sexual activity occurs.  Even if she is not sexually active, it is helpful to schedule a visit before she leaves the home, or around 18 years of age.   Of course, if a young woman experiences difficulties with her menstrual cycle or has another gynecological concern, it is time to come see us. 

Below is some information that may be of particular interest to teens.  Information about specific birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, and gynecological problems can be found in the birth control and gynecology sections of this website.

Below are some websites that are targeted to adolescents and have good health information.